Buy Now Pay Later – For all your import related expenses APPLY NOW for a COLLATERAL FREE LOAN using our DIGITAL TRADE FINANCE PLATFORM

We are a strategic financial partner for SMEs allowing for efficient management of cash flows and working capital to accelerate sustainable business growth.

Importers | Credify

Our digital trade finance platform provides for the following

  • Taxes
  • Clearance Fees
  • Forwarding & Freight Charges
  • Shipping Fees
  • Warehousing
  • Insurance
  • Stock Management

Conveniently manage all your import related activities on one platform as you focus on what you do best!

  • No Collateral
  • Flexible payment terms (30, 60, 90 days). Pay As You Earn
  • Access better prices by paying suppliers on time
  • Unlock working capital
  • Use you cash flows to stock up on new inventory
  • Paperless, quick and painless process
  • Register Online
  • Submit The Following Requirements
    1. Trade License
    2. Bill of Lading
    3. Commercial Invoice
    4. Packing List
    5. 3 previous shipment documents
    6. Proof Of Occupation
  • Get assessed within 24 hours
  • Accept Offer Letter
  • Funds Disbursed